Soglasie Insurance. Company rebranding

Soglasie is one of the system-building Russian insurance companies, one of the Top-10. We were to fulfil an ambitious task – to make a full rebranding of the company, based on the new positioning – Trust matters

First of all we had to update the corporate identity according to the new positioning, to create a modern, trustful image. To develop a proper visual system, which would allow to structure all the communication resources of the company, to make them more coherent and recognizable.

While working on the concepts we realized how far the changes would go. Our first step was careful restyling, and then we came to a scale renovation of the current style of the company, creating of a new logo and a new identity. The orange color remained as it made the brand recognizable.
We don't leave old friends. Figures of people, familiar to everyone, abandoned the logo, but came back to us as the brand-characters. They grew up, acquired recognizable features, but remained friendly and fun. Their visual change, sincerity and humor became an important step to building trustful relationship between the company and the audience.

The new logo is more laconic, it carries the idea of agreement, expressed in a handshake. This metaphor is a distinct symbol of trust. The symbol is supported by clear typography, which makes you feel confident and safe.

The company received a new flexible style, which helps her to talk to the different audiences with different intonations. Logo tells you that the company is a modern, European business, honest, reliable, open and professional.

Brand-characters, responsible for emotional messages, convey caring attitude to clients, being open to people whose trust is highly appreciated here. Positioning and generative identity will help future neighbors to learn more about each other.

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