Positioning and corporate identity for the housing complex

Positioning and generative identity, which will help future neighbors learn more about each other

To develop a brand of the housing complex, which would be completely different from a cluster of faceless housing complexes and would attract clients long before the houses are built.

Positioning concept inspires residents and potential buyers to use their creative potential, and the clear framework allows to create a diverse and vibrant picture as well as to involve people into a social game.

The concept suggests people to feel their creative potential – everyone has it, no matter what they do for a living. People make their lives, change the world around them, even if it is expressed only in small deeds and dreams. It is essential to help them discover this potential, to make them realize, that they can create something new, change the world, improve the reality.
Corporate identity is based on the idea of striking creative variety. Each letter of the logo contains graphical keys, which have a potential to form more graphics.

We limited the number of form-factors to six types, but the graphics can be enhanced endlessly with the help of a special algorithm that we've designed.
Life cycle of a development project lasts for several years. During this period identity should attract new audience as well as form a community around the project.
Everyone, interested in the project, can create unique letters and pictograms, symbols of their occupation, hobby or a dream. This is an opportunity to learn more about the brand, to embrace its ideology and to participate in creative process through a game.

Brand identity is alive and well, when the residents move into their new flats. Pictograms can help neighbors to learn more about each other and to start a conversation.

We established an open identity system, and any interested person csn take part in evolving it. It could become the bases for brand communication and PR-activity.

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