Image campaign for Soglasie Insurance.

Documentary and animated series «TRUST»

Как провинциалу подружиться с москвичами

To come up with a communication campaign based on positioning "Trust matters" created by the agency and to attach the theme of trust to the company "Soglasie".

Как снять искреннее кино
Как приручают слонов
Как работают авиадиспетчеры
Как пилоты побеждают страх

"Trust" series consists of documentary stories about trust, told by real people. 12 episodes made in interview style with animation illustrations.

Как доверие может исполнить мечту
Documentary genre is truthful and sincere enough to express the depth of the main theme – trust. Our creative team includes such famous Russian animators as Dmitry Vysotsky, Konstantin Golubkov, Yulia Rudnitskaya, Svyatoslav Ushakov, Zoya Kireeva, Mikhail Aldashin, Denis Voronin, Alexey Alexeev.

Our project is not only the series. Special projects devoted to the theme of trust are launched on such Internet resources as Meduza, Tjournal, Lentach, Drom, RBC. We initiate flashmobs in social networks and other forms of public discourse. is the media partner of the project.
Как доверие помогает покорять вершины

Dmitry Basov, marketing director of IC «Soglasie»: «We were sure it would be a «hit», but the outcome was even more. The project literally blew social networks up - millions of views, loads of likes and shares, proving the positive attitude to the series, feedback in the comments, where people expressed many exciting thoughts about trust. We also gained many fans, who were looking forward to the new episodes to come. Due to the "Trust" series people began to trust each other and our company more. This is proved by a 26% increase in the number of IC "Soglasie" clients in the first half of the year. It's a great result, isn't it?»

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