Hypermarket Okay. Annual strategic and creative services.

Okay is a huge Russian retail chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets. It is a strong brand enjoying stable "upper middle" perception in terms of its products and service quality. During the crisis, it faced being perceived as "too expensive"…

The task was to convey the new key message "Okay reduced prices" to the audience.
During the crisis people pay special attention to prices; they base buying decisions on prices. It goes without saying that most people find the price increase disturbing. That's why we turned the prices into something to laugh at.

Oksana Grivina, a gifted illustrator, created characters-prices for the project. Together we created not only colors and shapes of all the characters, but their individual features, names and roles as well. There are such characters as a "Lubber" and "Super-honest price".

To put these images into the video we gathered a great professional team: Ball-park production, Optix postproduction (Hamburg) and director Ismail Akar (Hamburg-Los Angeles). We were enchanted by his cooperation with G.Lucas and his references to Coen brothers and Woody Allen in the treatment.

"Okay" retail chain received its unique personality, different from the competitors, and the creative idea was so successful, that it is extended for the third year already.
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