Ferrero Rocher. Advertising campaign for Kinder Chocolate

Even grown-ups often say "Mommy"! We say "Mommy", when we face difficulties. We say "Mommy", when we have to get over ourselves, when we are astonished. The bonds between our mothers and us are so strong and everlasting! That's why mothers always help us, even if they are not here.

To create a seasonal communication "Back to school" for Kinder brands.
Our message was that mothers and Kinder support children and make all essential events such as the 1 September all the more memorable.

IQ Marketing and Kinder Chocolate, belonging to Ferrero Rocher, devotes this simple, sincere and touching commercial to all mothers of the world and to the children who are beginning to grow up. Having learned about our idea, Kinder Chocolate brand managers exclaimed "Mommy!" and sent the animatic to focus groups without the shade of a doubt. Fernando Vallejo, the director, was so impressed by the storyboard that he exclaimed "Mommy!" and the film crew went to Minsk. The commercial had come out by the 1 September, when its characters were to go to school.

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