IDS Borjomi.
2014 campaign

International advertising campaign became the first significant campaign after the brand's comeback to Russia

To create an idea to convey the communication message "Borjomi. Say goodbye to what you needn't" to the audience and to suggest how to develop it during the New Year holidays under the slogan "Borjomi. Sponsor of the 1 January".

Besides that, to build the campaign on the territory of "the best cleansing", to point out the emotional benefit – "enjoying life" and to show, when this cleansing is necessary.

We rendered the key message "Borjomi. Say goodbye to what you needn't" using a bright metaphor of all pleasures of life which are very tempting but can spoil our lives. We were inspired by the famous Macy's Parade.
It was the brand's landmark project and the first impression when working on it was a clear insight, proposed by the agency: "I want to enjoy delicious food, drink alcohol, and have a good time. I want to relax, but I don't want to face serious consequances". The brand response is "Borjomi will save you from these consequences".
The next part of the campaign: Borjomi.
Sponsor of the 1 January
Here we were dealing with the "Late dinner" consumption situation. We developed a concept under the working title "In bed with the enemy" with a giant inflatable turkey as a metaphor. Later the "enemy" was moved to the sofa.
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