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Advertising campaign

It was 2009, the very peak of the financial crisis. In these times of recession, many banks were cheating their clients by retroactive amendments to agreement conditions. After 7 years of keeping silence, Alfa-Bank came up with an ambitious campaign, based on "Honest Private Bank" positioning, put forward by our agency.

To develop positioning and a communication campaign aimed at making a better image of the bank, to attract new clients and to keep existing ones.

Alfa-Bank is a strong and unique brand, and the times are challenging. So we developed a communication platform "Being honest is profitable", as well as a number of creative solutions for a TV campaign and outdoor ads.

The campaign sparked large public response, radio and Internet citing. The phrase "Being honest is profitable" became a popular saying. The number of bank's clients (physical persons) increased by 9%. The campaign was awarded Grand Prix at Moscow International Advertising Festival.
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